Open Competitions


Senior Gents Open: 20th November

1st      P. Glover (Portstewart)          46pts      (£40 Voucher)
2nd     S. Darragh (Portstewart)       42pts      (£30 Voucher)
3rd     J. Boyd (Castlerock)                 41pts      (£20 Voucher)

Low Section
P. Boyle (Masserene)                        37pts     (£15 Voucher)

High Section
M. Johnston (Portstewart)                 41pts   (£15 Voucher)

Two's - £6 each
T. Barnes / T. McCollam / R. Thompson / H. Patterson / S. Killough /
J. Hanna          

Forthcoming Dates

2018/19 Winter Senior Gents Opens (50yrs+) Riverside Course:

Tuesday 11th December
Tuesday 22nd January
Tuesday 19th February
Tuesday 19th March
Tuesday 16th April

Visitors £15 entry fee.  Call the Golf Shop to book your tee time!